Thursday, September 6, 2012

Halloween treat box

Hello stampers! Amber here with a little Halloween treat box that is not necessarily "Halloween-ish". Now, I love Halloween! But I know many people are not fans of the scary stuff so I made my treat box on the cute side. I made sure to keep the orange and black color though.

Here is my box that can hold 4 fun-size candy bars:

 Top view:

To make this I started with a 6x6 piece of orange paper. I scored every 2 inches in each direction so that it looks like a tic tac toe board:

Then I flipped the paper over and scored the corners on the diagonal from the corner to the center square:

Then just fold your score lines like this:

I punched a hole in each corner and ran twine through and tied it all together.

But luckily before I tied it I realized I hadn't stamped yet (as you can tell in the photo)! I just opened it up and stamped one of the poppies from Poppy Field Summer onto the center of each square with black ink. THEN I tied it and filled with some fun-sized candy bars.

Another option to the box is to fold in the corners so you get a simple box. For this one I used ribbon as the handle instead of twine. You could fill this with candy corn or some other yummy thing. 

So there you have one more way to use your SP and Company stamps and some 6x6 papers! Thanks for stopping by today!

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