Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's a Candy Basket...Literally!

Hello everyone, Michelle here with you today, with a super sweet gift idea for you.  And by "sweet", I don't mean just in the nice way.  I mean in the sugary, yummy way!  I was really excited to give this project a try because I have seen pictures of them before, seen them given as gifts, and have always wanted to make one myself.  This was so much fun to make and I think you are going to enjoy it too!

Here is what you will need to get started.  You will need 4 boxes of candy.  These are the movie theater style boxes that you can pick up at Dollar Tree.  You can use any type of candy you want, you just want all 4 boxes to be the same size.  The other thing you need is some Dry Floral Foam, which conveniently, you can also get at Dollar Tree.  Convenient, and inexpensive!  Not pictured are the bamboo skewers that were still hiding in my kitchen drawer when I snapped this picture, and some paper Easter grass.

The piece of foam I had was far too big for what I needed, so I cut it down to size.  No real math involved here, it just needs to be big enough for the boxes to attach to, and thick enough to poke some skewers into for decoration.  I cut through mine with a kitchen knife.

Once it is cut, you can hold the boxes up around it to make sure you have a good fit and trim any excess off, if needed.  When you are happy with the foam, attach the candy boxes to the foam with some hot glue.  I applied glue where the box would stick to the foam, and also put a couple of dots where the sides of the boxes would meet to help hold them together.

Now all that's left is the decoration!  I made a couple of brightly colored rosettes out of some orange and yellow cardstock.  I punched a couple of circles for the centers of the rosettes from a sheet in the Splash (Echo Park) 6x6 pad, then just added buttons.  The "Happy Birthday" sign is stamped using Boutique Sign and Bold Sentiments III: Birthdays.  The sign and rosettes are glued to bamboo skewers and poked into the foam at the bottom.  To fill in the top, I put in a little bit of paper Easter grass.

It just doesn't get much more fun than this.  I see many of these in my future.  I already have holiday ideas running through my head!

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  1. A fantastic idea. This one i will for sure try out. It looks so pretty.