Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Milk Carton Goody Container

Hi everyone, Michelle here with you today with a really fun treat container!  I really enjoy making boxes and containers for gifts, and this is one of my all-time favorites: Milk Cartons!

To start your Milk Carton, cut a piece of cardstock to be 8" x 10.5".  On the 8" side score lines at 2", 6", and 7.5".

Next, turn the paper on its 10.5 inch side and score at 2.5", 5", 7.5" and 10".

Your paper will now look like this. 

Using a pair of scissors, trim out the little rectangular strip at the bottom, right.  As it sits right now in this picture, that skinny strip at the top will be the top of your carton, and those larger blocks at the bottom will be forming the bottom of your carton (Just in case you need to reference it later). 

Now turn your paper around so the notch you just cut is at the top, left, and the 1/2" strip is now at the bottom.  This 1/2" strip is going to be the top of your milk carton.  In this line, there are 4 little rectangles.  Score a vertical line in the center of the one on the right.  I used a centering ruler to do mine.  Now, move to the left, skipping one rectangle and score the same line in the third rectangle from the right. 

Your next step is to score the lines where your milk carton is going to fold in and close.  Move up to the square just above the line you just scored in the previous step.  Lay your ruler down and score a diagonal line from both top corners of this box to the center at the bottom where it meets the score line.  Just think about it like you are scoring a "V" in this box. 

Move to the left, skipping one box and do the same in the third box from the right.  Again, scoring a "V". 

Once you have this done, go ahead and give all of your score lines a fold.  Now you can really see those V's that I was talking about in this picture. 

Next, you will need to cut the flaps that will form the bottom of your milk carton.  All you need to do is cut the score line between each of the boxes at the bottom of your carton, that I mentioned earlier (picture 4) would form the bottom of your box.  Only cut up to the intersecting score line - don't go past that.

Now you are going to start putting your carton together.  You can see in this picture that I already added a piece of patterned paper to my carton.  If you want a strip to go all the way around your carton, it is easiest to do it at this stage.  You can see in this picture the 1/2" tab which is where your carton will come together.  Put some adhesive (I used double sided tape) along this strip and adhere it to the farthest end - the tab should go to the inside. 

Now fold the flaps in to close the bottom of your carton.  I put some sticky tape in between each flap to really hold it together.  

Turn your carton right-side-up and close the top just like you would a regular milk carton.  You can see in this picture the way those scored V's fold in to make the top.  You can close the top a number of different ways.  You could glue it, punch holes and tie it closed with some ribbon, etc.  For this one I used a little wooden clothes pin. 

And here is my finished project!  You can see that my patterned paper changed.  I didn't like the way it was coming together, so I pulled it off and changed it out.  It happens, lol!  All of the stamps on this one are from the new Father's Day Fun stamp set.  I stamped the sentiment, trimmed it out and attached it to a toothpick so it could stick out of the top of a carton like a banner, which is just fun! 

I hope you enjoy these containers as much as I do.  They are so much fun to give and you can dress them for any occasion!


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  1. I love it!!!!! Great job. I am definitely going to have to make one.