Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quality Stamp Guarantee

Hi everyone! Samantha here and today, I am skipping a project so I can talk to you about SP Stamps. I am really proud of SP and Company Stamps! I think they are absolutely fabulous and they stamp so well. They are among the best of the best.

Unfortunately, we have run into our first manufacturing error (we've been able to fix the manufacturing error) so it made me think about stamp imperfections. Sometimes a stamp can just have a defect, and I want to address this. If you run into a stamp that is just NOT RIGHT, we will replace it! This is our Quality Stamp Guarantee!

Quality Stamp Guarantee:
If your new stamps arrive and have any damage or defects (i.e. they rip when you pull them off the acetate sheet, they don't stamp beautifully, or there is any sort of problem with a stamp) we will replace it for you no questions asked. Simply email us at within 60 Days of purchase and we will take care of you.

I shot a quick video about our Quality Stamp Guarantee, which you can see below:

Chrissie has a nice sleek project for you today!

Patty has a trendy Mis Creaciones project to share!

Michelle has a great St. Patrick's Day project for you!

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