Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making Envelopes for Embellished Cards

Good morning- it's Jen, and I'm wondering....have you ever made a beautifully embellished card only to discover that it won't fit into an envelope?  I've certainly been there.

Today I want to share with you a quick and easy tutorial for making box envelopes.  Here's what you need:

I used my Martha Stewart score board with the diagonal thingy ( know...that triangle! hehe). If your scoreboard doesn't have one, you could do the same technique-just make sure to align the 2 opposite corners of your paper with the 6" mark.  Then follow all of the same steps.

Don't have a scoreboard? I've done this with my paper trimmer fit with a scoring blade.  Or you could use a bone folder in the groove of your paper trimmer.

No paper trimmer?  Use a ruler!  It's a little tougher to get everything all aligned, but it still works :)

These directions will make an envelope for a standard A2 card.  Start by cutting your paper to 8.5" square, and place it diagonally on your score board:

Score one side at 3"

...Then again at 2 5/8"

Rotate paper 180 degrees and repeat the above 2 steps.

Next, on the last 2 sides, score at 3 5/8"

...and 3 1/4"

At this point, you'll need to snip the little triangles where the score lines overlap:

Which will leave you with this:

Now's a good time to stamp too....I used the Bold Houndstooth inked up in white:

And I just love how the envelope looks with rounded corners!

Fold along the scorelines and add some strips of adhesive:

...and there you have it!  A finished envelope for all of your embellished cards!

I know it looked like a lot of steps, but I promise you the whole thing took me under 5 minutes to make.  Have fun making and customizing your own!

Chrissie has a super cute layout to share with you today on her blog!

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  1. Wow! Great tutorial. Found it on Pinerest, Terrific.

  2. Awesome job with the tutorial! Pinned to my Pinterest board! Thank you!

  3. great tutorial!! Have you done this for larger squared cards as well? I make a lot of 5 1/2" squared cards and could see this coming in handy for them!

  4. fabulous tutorial!!! thanks!

  5. Found this great tutorial on Pinterest.
    Love it and pinned it!
    Thanks a lot ;-)
    Regards Hannie

  6. Wow...sure would love to see one of these patterns for the A6 cards