Saturday, March 3, 2012

Make Your Stamps Speak For You

Hi everyone, it's Michelle here today with a really easy way you can get  a lot more out of your stamps with a technique called Omitting.  Now, omitting is about as basic as it gets when it comes to stamping techniques.  It is nothing more than leaving the part of an image you don't want to use uninked.  So simple, but it increases the versatility of your stamps almost infinitely.  Especially when it comes to your sentiment or word stamps.

For my project today I used the Easter Eggy set.  In it are two different sentiments:  "CHICK", and  "You're my favorite chick", which you can see here.

I wanted my tag to say "You're my favorite chick", but I wanted the word "CHICK" to be in that all-caps font of the stamp on the left.  This is where the omitting comes in.

I turn my stamp face up on my desk so that I can see exactly where I am applying the ink.  Small ink pads like these Dew Drops are easier to control than full size pads, but either will work, or you can also use markers. 

Now you can see that I have omitted the word "chick" and have only inked the first three words. 

I stamped this on my cardstock and then inked the "CHICK" stamp in pink, and stamped it separately.  Not only was I able to change the color of the word, but also the orientation of my sentiment.  Instead of one line, I was able to make it two.

The possibilities are really endless with this.  The two stamps I used today came from the same set.  Just imagine how many possibilities you have when you start combining words from many different sets! 

Happy Stamping,


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